Space a well known name in the field of RF & Telecom. One of the well known company of this group is Space Telelink, an immensely prominent and one of the leading Manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of a vast range of Antennas, IBS Accessories, BTS Installation Material, RF Connectors, Jumpers and ancillaries etc. Our company is well established in the capital of India with two working and one under construction units an is well-equipped with erudite, experienced, and expert engineers, ancillary personnel and equipments, advanced Vector Network Analyser for testing of Antennas & other components, technological expertise & ingenuity, advanced means of communications and transportations, etc., in order to serve India and abroad comprehensively, optimally, and elegantly, in the field mentioned products.

Research and development is at the core of Space Telelink operations. By ensuring rapid product development, Space Telelink meets changing market demands as they arise, while partnering with leading telecom companies for reduced time to market and broad market access. Our team has strong foundation to build high quality products to meet the competitive price. Our well-equipped research team keeps developing new and innovative products to address the increasingly rigorous demands for efficient transmission products. Technological innovation for the Space Telelink therefore constitutes an essential and differentiating element in the development of its competitive advantage and in maintaining its Presence in an increasingly competitive market. 

Our exclusive range of products includes IBS Components, RF Cables, RF Connectors, Jumpers, Microwave Racks-19”, Outdoor & Indoor Ladder Accessories, Feeder Clamps, Antennas, Fiber Optics Products, and all other ancillaries.

Though Space Telelink was incorporated in the recent year of 2007, it has now amply made its presence felt in the sphere of its activities, through consistent growth, reliability, technological ingenuity & elegance, optimal service, and highly competitive charging of its products & services. Our cherished aim is to facilitate optimally the use of technological tools and boons of developed information technology and telecommunication at minimal expenses. In everything it does, the Group seeks to cater as closely as possible to the needs and requirements of each customer group.