• We   Succeed When Our Customers Succeed.
  • We Grow When Our People Grow.
  • We Focus on Teams Work.
  • Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities
  • Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact
  • Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

A Culture of Giving

Caring @ Space is our global Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Initiative. It involves us as individuals as well as our company wide efforts.

Space guiding principles are:

  • Embedded   social & environmental code of conduct into our core Operations & functions.
  • Leverage our differentiating skills and competencies.
  • Design and implement sustainable and scalable solutions.


Acting and taking decisions in a manner that these are far, Honest, following the highest standards of professionalism and are also perceived to be so.


On the foundation of integrity, doing whatever it takes to deliver value to clients.


A missionary zeal arising out of emotional engagement With the organization that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best.

Seamlessness: Boundary less in Letter and Spirit

Thinking and working together across functional silos, Hierarchies, business and geographies.


Continuously seeking to crash timelines and choosing right rhythm to optimize Organizational efficiencies.

Careers in the Space Group

  • The performance is at the heart of our work culture. Our performance Management process is transparent and uniform across the Group. Its key features include:
  • Well defined Goals and KRAs ensure that employees have clarity on what is expected of them.
  • A yearly Performance review.
  • An annual performance appraisal process which includes Self assessment, supervisor assessment and a skip. Level review
  • Assessment of the individual on values compliance and demonstration
  • Documentation of career aspirations along with Developmental requirements to achieve those aspirations.


  • We cover all our employees. Whether it’s gift or Facilities
  • Employee wellness is important to us.  Our policies are employee friendly and crafted keeping in mind broad trends in people related issues and the changing demands of the workplace.
  • The care and attention we exhibit towards our employees is also extended to their families. You don’t need to worry about taking care of important things. We’ll gladly do it for you.
  • Benefits offered to Group, opportunities are abundant, the environment warm and the people friendly.


  • At Space the opportunities are abundant, the environment is warm and the people are friendly.
  • Walk around our offices and you will feel the energy.  Minds are constantly in motion researching, innovating and creating ideas that push as many as 6 industries, forward. We constantly strive to be and do better than the best.
  • We endeavor to create an ambience where our people have the tools and the freedom to deliver their commitments and take great pride in their work. In the fertile ethos of our Group, they find a career that is personally rewarding and professionally enriching.

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